House rules

The Youth Film Festival places the utmost importance on respect and safety for all visitors, guests and staff. We do not tolerate any form of violence or inappropriate behaviour.

JEF makersdag 2023
Daria Miasoedova

Reporting inappropriate behaviour

At the Youth Film Festival, everyone should feel safe during all activities. Do you nonetheless see or experience transgressive behaviour? Then speak to one of our staff or volunteers immediately. They are present at every location and will help you immediately.

You can also contact our confidant.

What is transgressive behaviour?

The Youth Film Festival is an accessible festival that places the utmost importance on respect and integrity. We do not tolerate any form of bullying or transgressive behaviour, at any venue or during any event.

Transgressive behaviour may include, but is not limited to:

  • aggression, whether verbal or physical
  • inappropriate physical touching
  • inappropriate sexual attention
  • racism
  • bullying or stalking
  • unwanted photography or video recording
  • homophobia and transphobia

Attention to children's rights

The Youth Film Festival explicitly endorses all human and children's rights. In our programming and during the festival, we pay special attention to the rights listed below.

Right to culture

Children and young people have the right to participate and contribute to culture. They have the right to speak their own language. They have a right to protection of their copyright and their own name.

Right of opinion

Children and young people are allowed to have their own opinions about school, politics, family, feelings, and the things they see happening around them and in movies. Children and young people are allowed to express their opinions and they are entitled to the information that allows them to form their own opinions. They have the right to think what they want for themselves, including when it comes to religion or other beliefs.

Right to be different

Discrimination is never allowed. Not on the basis of origin, orientation, age, disability, or religion.

Right to privacy

Children and young people have a right to respect for their private lives.

Right to protection from violence

Children and young people must be protected from abuse and neglect, sexual abuse, child trafficking and abduction and all other forms of exploitation and violence.