A major film festival leaves its mark. Positive traces in the minds of visitors, but unfortunately also an ecological footprint.

Youth Film Festival Antwerp tries to reduce its CO2 emissions and waste production, and encourages its audience and guests to do the same.

Ingang festival 2023
Faye Wolfs

Youth Film Festival Antwerp is an active member of Pulse - Transition Network for Culture, Youth and Media and signed the Green charter for film festivals.

Sustainable transportation

for visitors

Youth Film Festival Antwerp and the on tour locations are accessible by public transport, on foot or by bicycle. We ask our visitors not to come by car if possible.

On our website, we clearly communicate the many transport options to the different locations and the nearest bicycle stations.

Check the directions to our locations

for guests

Youth Film Festival Antwerp invites as many guests from Belgium and the Netherlands as possible and encourages them to come by train. We only book plane tickets for international guests if this is the only option.

for employees

We ask our staff and volunteers to come by bicycle or public transportation as well.

Durable, local and reusable materials

  • Youth Film Festival Antwerp does not use disposable plastic in the festival cafĂ© or in its organisation of events. We try to buy as much reusable material as possible and use it later in the same form or function, or by upcycling the product.
  • Our printwork always has a limited edition, is printed on recycled paper and is distributed as efficiently as possible. Any surpluses are reused. Our catalogue is fully digital. We encourage ticket buyers to use their digital tickets.
  • Youth Film Festival buys local, fair-trade and sustainable material as much as possible. We also borrow material from partners and other film festivals, and lend out our own material.

Sustainable food and catering

When Youth Film Festival Antwerp manages the venue itself, it opts for local catering with vegetarian, vegan and organic options and reusable materials.

Sustainable actions

In terms of content, Youth Film Festival Antwerp also pursues sustainability. In our programming of films, games and installations, we pay attention to ecological and inclusive content.